A Few Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Punctuation Marks.

Jesse Muehlbauer

Novelist & Essayist

Co-Host of Good Story Live!

Jesse Muehlbauer is a novelist and co-host of Good Story Live! He’s been heard on hundreds of stations across America during his decade-long career as a network broadcaster. Author of the 1950s science fiction suspense drama All the Moonlight on Earth, Jesse’s debut novel has won the acclaim of critics and readers alike. He has lived on both coasts and now resides in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he met the love of his life… Poe.

Aside from writing and broadcasting, Jesse is an avid reader and collector of books. A space enthusiast, he once had the opportunity to interview Apollo 16’s Charlie Duke about what it was like to “wake up on the moon.” Jesse also enjoys adding humorous commentary to everyday situations… sometimes inappropriately timed. He loves long talks with friends about philosophy, aesthetics, and the stories that fill our lives with meaning.

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