“The characters felt real and genuine, each with their own nuances and heartbreaks... This is one I will read again, and probably again.”

Shannon A.


A year after the tragic loss of his wife, Gillen Rainer is struggling to find closure. Unanswered questions linger even for his thirteen-year-old daughter, Allaire, who seeks solace in a memory far beyond her recollection. 

As Sputnik orbits the globe every ninety-six minutes, Gillen and his team are set to announce a surprise of their own. The Alignment—a portal connecting the earth and the moon—is ready for visitors, effectively ending the space race before it has even begun. 

But when his daughter decides to set foot on the moon… alone, Gillen is forced to confront the unrelenting power of past choices and future perils in this remarkable literary drama that answers the question, “What happened to Allaire?”

“Fast-paced, yet emotionally aware… All the Moonlight on Earth is a powerfully written thriller with a delightfully unexpected plot.”

— Sheena Monnin, Author of The Safety Trilogy